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Post by keatac on Fri Nov 25, 2011 10:35 am

Well, thank MCC, created the forum.
i'm lazy person, so everything in short, just to share my exp.

i like travel around and need a NAVI unit to go home. so ...
- checked some source in malaysia selling at double the price and don't have much choice,
so i buy from china my self
- study the installation guide from GOOGLE *u need to be able to read chinese, again cruze is bigger selling in
- spec:
CPU: 667-1024Mhz *Cortex A8 (same as iphone4)
RAM: 256MB *yes, is 256MB
Flash: 128/256MB *no sure
Res: 800x480
Screen: 7"
Digital TV: "CMMB" only available in china, Malaysia useless.
DVD Drive: separate optional module, * i skip this
others: SD slotX2(navi software + Multimedia file), built-in mic, bluetooth, FM transmitter,AUX-in, AV-in,
reverse sensor, ... some unless sensor(light/break/god know)
GPS: SirfStar III 20 channel only
Windows CE 6
- use original "sound module unit", *the big white box slot-in CD
- use original dash info display (radio/air-con/setting/etc ...)

- DIY, i'm software engineer, NOT car mechanic/0 exp before. so you can do it as well
- 1 day: ICE
- 1 day: Reverse Camera
* consider i'm 1st time i 'm playing my car at toy + enjoy it Smile

- you know it and make up ur mind before you start research.

- GPS: very instance fix location, show me, the way to home.pig
- Sound Quality, original. *good enough for me
- FM/AirCon/setting center console button is original display.
- Software smooth with 3D building. *i'm no using 3D
- using papag0X8.5, * i belieave any after market unit can change it.but depand on ur RAM/CPU.
- my wife can watch MP4 movie sometime having long drive
- look nice + elegant. Razz

- Sometimes Hang when i switch to reverse gear on camera *2 times on 3 month use
- No iphone intergration
- loss In-Car Aux-in capable
- still no USB
- loussy built-in MIC
- Bluetooth capable but call quality very bad, useless:evil:
* one of the reason i wanna to replace the ICE
- No Bluetooth Music streaming Evil or Very Mad
*another reason i wanted to replace the original

- try DIY, save ur hard earn money(almost half from outside selling, seriously).
- or buy the unit ur-self and ask installer to install (need some Like a Star @ heaven luck⭐ if buy from china) , still can save
- if you don't need GPS/Navi, you don't need it
- if only for cosmetic reason, a cheap unit + DIY is less than RM 1000

No more bull sh1t:

This is FM transmitter, no radio.


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Post by robertsmoy234156 on Sat Oct 12, 2013 9:46 am

i have a DVD which has built in gps for hyundai accent and i want to sell it here is the link if you like then you msg me, and here is the link i am sharing with you guys.

Hyundai Accent DVD and GPS

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