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Problem with my cruze 2010 - Suspect Gear box problem...Anybody experiencing this?

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Problem with my cruze 2010 - Suspect Gear box problem...Anybody experiencing this?

Post by mikgoh77_Cruze on Sat May 04, 2013 3:19 pm

I first experience this about 4 months ago, noticed that the engine sounded lethargic and gear changes were not spot on.
A day after the engine light came on, so took it to the SC in Puchong and the mechanic ( so called ) claimed it was software issue, so he just deleted it and should be find. My curiosity was that the issue can be just as simple as the way he puts it and deleting the error message from the system is just not solving the problem..anyway I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. After a few days of driving, the engine light came on again and last about 3 days and went off after. it remained so until today. I was heading back to PG ( eve of 2013 election ), traffic was heavy, and the problem came back to haunt me. This time was much more serious, it seems the gear was stuck at some where 4th or 5th gear... I noticed this when I came to a halt at the traffic light. Could not get the car to move from stationary position have to keep on revving while in gear until the car picked up momentum. Speedo meter was going all over the place ... but car not moving.
Anyone has experienced this. Any recommendation of a good and trustworthy service centre in KL . Now I worried on how to get back to KL.
This is not my first bad experience with this car. The first was the sensor ( Temperature ), which sense external temperature was -40 degrees.... guess what happened next - auto climate control started blowing hot air. Took back to the SC and only managed to get it done on the 4th visit.

I owned protons before this and I thought their service was bad, this is no better either.
Really really disappointed.....! Any advise guys... this could help a lot.

Regards Mike

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